“Ethnic” clothes and hairstyles are still stigmatized as unprofessional, “cultural” foods are treated as exotic past times, and the vernacular of people of color is ridiculed and demeaned. So there is an unequal exchange between Western culture – an all-consuming mishmash of over-simplified and sellable foreign influences with a dash each of Coke and Pepsi – and marginalized cultures. People of all cultures wear business suits and collared shirts to survive. But when one is of the dominant culture, adopting the clothing, food, or slang of other cultures has nothing to do with survival. So as free as people should be to wear whatever hair and clothing they enjoy, using someone else’s cultural symbols to satisfy a personal need for self-expression is an exercise in privilege.

The Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation (link here)

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Anonymous asked: how does it feel to be a straight male and being part of the patriarchy



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"Catfish" © Vivien Wu

Thank you so much for your responses and appreciation to this post! Prints are available on my Etsy as well as my Society 6 shop. 

Looking forward to doing more on this series soon :3

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Seth Rogan for best boyfriend.

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This week’s new Cracked Podcast episode features tracks from Mr Little Jeans and Courtney Barnett (find them on our Spotify playlist), along with a Kanye West/Tame Impala mashup worth almost a million Soundcloud plays.

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the fucking 90’s were mad

wtf did i just watched 

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dean winchester + being truly upset

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someone bout to get unfriended

Her face tho

you think you know a bitch

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